Home Warranties when you are selling.

This may seem a little strange but let's think about it. Let's say you are selling your home and a prospective buyer comes in a looks around and like your home. They will always wonder what is wrong and needs repairing and most of the time will ask you. Even if nothing is in need of repair and you so indicate to them, they will still wonder if you are telling the truth. Most people will order an inspection and or make an offer that is based on expected costs associated with repairs that you haven't told them about.

A much better course of action is the let them know as soon as they come in your home that all of the major appliances and systems, like the plumbing and electrical and air conditioning have a full one year warranty on them.  This gives the buyer peace of mind and will generally result in higher offers than you would get without a warranty.

The same theory applies when you are buying a home, you want one that includes a warranty on the same items and it's always a great idea to pay for a professional home inspection service too.  One word of caution when looking for a home inspection service, do not hire one that makes repairs too, they will many times have an agenda to find things wrong no matter what.